Anniversaries for the weekend 10th & 11th June

   Anniversaries for the weekend 10th & 11th June

Saturday @ 6:00pm

Bida Sweeney, Millford, Co Donegal.

Sunday @ 9:00am

Donor Intentions.

Mass for the people of the Parish.

Sunday @ 11:00am

Tom Walsh, Garnavilla – Month’s Mind.

John O’ Neill, Castlecoyne.

Mary Toomey, Woodview.

Ellen O’ Heney, Toureen,

Bill Nugent, Clonmel Road.

Mass for the Coming Week

Monday 12th June @ 10:30am

Tuesday 13th June @ 10:30am

Wednesday 14th June @ 10:30am

Myra Phillips, Bird Avenue, Dublin.

Thursday 15th June @ 10:30am

Friday 16th June @ 10:30am

Recently Deceased

Anniversary List

Michael Walsh, Gurteen.

Lena Regan, Lower Abbey Street.

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