Anniversaries for the weekend 16th & 17th September

Anniversaries for the weekend 16th & 17th September

Saturday @ 6:00pm

Tom Burke, 6 Lisava – Month’s Mind.

Joan Ryan, Castle Street – 1st Anniversary.

Kevin Geraghty, Lisava.

Sonny & Breda Lonergan, Hogan Square.

Sunday @ 9:00am

Mai Barrett, Outrath.

Sunday @ 11:00am

Jimmy Walsh, Carrigeen Cottages & Germany – Interment of Ashes.

Mary & David O’ Neill, Chamberlainstown.

Lawrence Fitzgerald, Upper Cahir Abbey.

Mass for the Coming Week

Monday 18th September @ 10:30am

Frank Sanders, Plymouth.

Tuesday 19th September @ 10:30am

Wednesday 20th September @ 10:30am

No Mass

Thursday 21st September @ 10:30am

No Mass

Friday 22nd September @ 10:30am

Recently Deceased

Month’s Mind

Anniversary List

Thomas & Elizabeth Walsh, Market Street.

Josephine Walsh, 9 Hogan Square & her daughter

Josephine Maher, Co. Offally.

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