Anniversaries for the Weekend 18th & 19th March

Anniversaries for the Weekend 18th & 19th March

Saturday @ 6:00pm

Pat Jenkins, Kedrah – 1st Anniversary.

Sunday @ 9:00am

William Hyland, Beechpark.

Mass for the people’s intentions.

Sunday @ 11:00am

Mary & John Dennehy, Lower Abbey Street.

Valentinas Petrikas – 7th Anniversary.

Biruta and Petras; Bronislava & Juozas.

Marija Jesulevic; Jonas and Antanas; Dalia Vladickiene;

Vytautas and Onute.

Mass for the Coming Week

Monday 20th March @ 10:30am

Tuesday 21st March @ 10:30am

Donor’s Intention.

Wednesday 22nd March @ 10:30am

Thursday 23rd March @ 10:30am

Friday 24th March @ 10:30am

Recently Deceased

Anniversary List

Deceased members of the Hallinan Family, Knockmorris.

Margaret & William O’ Donnell, Lisava.

Tommy O’ Donnell, Lisava.

Tom O’ Connor Snr., Cloughabrreda.

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